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Indy Reviews

9 February 2024
“Written and directed by Samuel Lodato, Remi Milligan – Lost Director is a defining moment in the mockumentary genre. We follow the fictitious life and work of film director Remi Milligan (Reza Diako) though the eyes of his friends, family and colleagues in the years leading up to his mysterious disappearance…”

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Take 2 Indie Review

8 February 2024
“Remi Milligan, indie auteur, underground legend, and filmmaker, lost to time. Or was he? Should you choose to research his name, you’ll find a collection of sites and articles pointing towards a director from North London whose success was abruptly snuffed out by his mysterious disappearance. The man is, just like the bizarrely brilliant works these pages seem to praise, an enigma. Remi Milligan: Lost Director unpacks a…”

One Film Fan

16 January 2024
“The story of avant-garde indie filmmaker Michele “Remi Milligan” Benedetto (Reza Diako) is one such tale, a man of–uniquely–creative process whose goal to make his films like HE wants regardless of what anyone else might say leads to both a modicum of success–and his completely baffling disappearance…”

UK Film Review

11 November 2023
“Celebrating the life as well as the diverse and bizarre works of one  Remi Milligan (a maverick film director who just disappeared one day under mysterious circumstances) through a clever combination of interviews, “behind the scenes footage” and a showcase of impressive fictional short films, Remi Milligan: Lost Director is the brilliant story of one of the greatest low-budget film auteurs that never existed…”

The Spooky World of Chris Ringler

9 November 2023
“Remi Milligan: Lost Director is a documentary about a filmmaker who is legendary more for his sudden disappearance than his work as a director, a subject most of the subjects that speak are clearly at odds with. Milligan was a filmmaker who just missed two revolutions in modern film – the ability to promote your work via YouTube and similar services and the advent of streaming…”